Engagement Sessions: What do I wear?!

So you've booked your engagement photo session, now what?

Here are a few tips I like to give to couples before shooting them for engagement portraits. There is a lot of information out there on this subject so I'll just give my advice on the matter.

Location, Location, Location

Think about where your session is going to take place. If possible discuss it with your photographer if you can't think of an area. Do you want a romantic woodland adventure? How about a spot that's special to you and your fiance like your first date location? Do you want a historic location or a more modern minimalist spot? No matter where your photos are, there are ways to coordinate with the space. If you want the focus of the shots to be on the two of you, pick contrasting clothing colors to the space. For instance, if you are going to be in a field filled with greens and tans  go for a a hue towards the reds, oranges or even purples. Take a look at a color wheel and that will help you see what is the opposite color.  If you want a more etherial look, lighter tones work best. Think of fabrics that are comfortable and aren't going to make you sweat while you're standing in a field. It's always great to discuss with your photographer the overall vibe you want and they will help you pick out tones that would match the space well.

Bring more than one option

Nothing is worse than getting a ton of great shots and soon realizing you can only frame a few since they are all in the same outfit. If you want multiple looks, be sure to coordinate outfits that will go with your

fiancée. Sometimes it's nice to do a more glamorous look and a casual one too. 

Don't worry about trends

It's best to stick to outfits that won't make your grandchildren laugh in 40 years. If you stick to mainly classic shapes and styles your photos will be timeless. Plus, nothing's worse than seeing the same engagement photo trends in your Facebook feed and realizing the photos say more about when they were shot than about the love you two share. 

Take caution with patterns

This one is a little difficult to define. Essentially it's best to make sure the pattern doesn't overpower you. Patterns can be great, but try and take a few cell phone shots to make sure it's flattering. I myself am a huge fan of stripes, but if the stripe pattern is two narrow it can create an odd illusion in the camera that can be very distracting. Pinterest is a great place to figure out the best way to do any kind of patterned outfit. 

Let's be real - We all want to hide something

Be sure whatever outfit you pick fits you. Don't worry about the label size or designer. Make sure the outfit is fitted properly and hides whatever little spot you're not a huge fan of. We're all beautiful and you're going to look amazing!

Makeup is a girls best friend

Now, I'm a huge fan of a more natural look! With that being said getting your hair and/or makeup done for engagement photos does a lot. It can help you feel your best, which will help your confidence during the shoot. It also is important to note that just like on your wedding day, the camera can magnify even the littlest flaws. If you are not super comfortable with applying makeup, there are great tutorials on Youtube. You can also have a friend help you. If you want to hire a makeup artist, sometimes they may offer a package deal if you hire them for the wedding day as well. 

I hope this helps you!